“Good” Friday (?)

In a moment of insanity, at last month’s community garden meeting, I (along with one other woman) volunteered to spend this morning teaching 150+ small children how to plant Easter Bunny food—AKA lettuce—in pots made of newspaper.

When my alarm went off at 7:00 this morning—Good Friday—my first thought was, “I’d rather be nailed to a cross than do what I’m about to do.” Somehow, I mustered up the courage to get myself out of bed, shower, and drag my arse to the event.

While we were setting up, two teenagers (air cadets) offered to help us with our lesson. Later a couple more teens joined them. Thank goodness they did! Even with the extra help, we were barely able to keep the assembly line we’d set up moving efficiently.

Someone “lost her shit” at the event, and the shocking part was that it wasn’t me. Someone stuck a phone/camera in my face, I reflexively jumped back, and said that I didn’t want to be in the photo. She then asked if she could take one from the side. My answer was, “no.” She did not take kindly to that. In the end, she stomped off like a spoiled child.

Coincidentally, on the table between Camera Lady and me was a stack of photo release papers. Nobody signed them, so, out of respect, we didn’t take a single photo at the event. Yes, I am aware that nobody needs permission to photograph anyone in a public place, but holy hell, it pisses me off when people do it without any consideration of the feelings of person being photographed!

Aside from that one incident, I think everything went relatively well. Will I do next year? Ummm… not if I can convince someone else to take my place. I really am not someone who should be educating anyone’s child.