Leap and the net will appear. —John Burroughs

Sorry, John Burroughs, I don’t buy what you’re selling.  The truth is something more like, leap and the net might appear. It’s why so many of us refuse to take the plunge—we are scared shitless that the landing may break us.

More often than I care to admit, I fantasize about walking away from everything familiar so that I can start my adult life over. I’m living state of perpetual meh—I crave an infusion of yay!  Yet, In all the years I’ve spent pining for change, I’ve not, until this morning, had the guts to take action. Today, I was brave. Today I took a leap. The net might appear. It might not. Does it matter? Hell no! The landing won’t kill me. Besides, anything is better than meh at this point. I’m willing to leap again, regardless of what happens this time.