Tumblr Trial

On Friday, after mocking my English friend, Jonathan, for his fondness of a certain social media/microblogging platform, he replied with the words, “I think you might like Tumblr.”

I’ve stayed away from Tumblr all these years because there seems to be a gross shortage of original content. The platform is heavy on regurgitated material. I HATE that! However, when Jonathan assured me that there are people there who don’t reblog, and that Tumblr people are “really friendly”, I reluctantly agreed to signup and check it out.

To get started, I visited the Tumblr blogs of all the people Jonathan follows. I couldn’t help but wonder if, “I think you might like Tumblr” was some kind of joke. I was also very confused. We like a lot of the same stuff on WordPress. How could he have such lousy taste on Tumblr?

I did manage to find a few people on Jonathan’s list who seemed interesting enough to follow, and, as I type this, he’s off compiling a list of people he thinks I will enjoy. I suspect his efforts are an attempt restore my faith in his judgement, but I do hope he comes back with some good suggestions. I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. I will give the people of Tumblr a fair chance to make a good impression on me.

The one thing I am certain of when it comes to Tumblr is that, if I stay, all (or nearly all) of what I post will be original content.