This Took Me Straight Back to 1991!


This morning, I began work on a decor project for a totally awesome National Historic Site of Canada. They provided me with all the materials I will need for the job, including the muslin you see in the photo above.

As soon as I opened this bolt of fabric, the look of it, the the feel of it, and (most notably) the smell of it, brought be straight back to my time in the costume department of Dalhousie University’s theatre department. This is the EXACT SAME muslin we used there! I’ve worked with tonnes of muslin in the two and a half decades since then, but not this muslin.  Needless to say, I’m feeling super nostalgic today.

Isn’t it wonderful how something so small can instantly transport us back to another time and place?

Getting There (Quickly)

I’ve been back on the fitness wagon for nearly 5 months. Yesterday, I hit two milestones on the same day. The first was a weight loss goal, the second was a 30 minute running distance goal. Neither were “final goals”—they were just “next goals”.

Something about meeting both of these targets on the same day made me chuckle. That something is related to a question I’ve been asking myself for weeks. Am I getting faster because I’m losing weight, or am I losing weight because I’m getting faster? I may never know the answer, but I’m sure one is responsible for the other. Of course, my new running shoes (pictured above) might also have a little to do with the faster pace. They are freaking awesome!

What’s also great—even though I hate that this matters to me—is that other people are now taking notice of my results. A customer complimented me yesterday on how good I look, and a fellow gym member recently commented (positively) on how fit I am.

Enough bragging for today? I think so. I’ll stop now.


Before I get out of bed each morning, I like to hop on the internet to see what’s happening in the world. This morning, I began my online investigation with Facebook. There, I learned that “Live bunnies are not Easter gifts!” A few posts later, I saw that someone is selling baby bunnies for $30 each. Sooooooo cute! And, just in time for Easter! Below that was a PSA, “Life is Better in Flip Flops!” Well duh! That’s why I wear them all year long. After a little more scrolling, I stumbled upon what may just be the most eggseptional thing I’ve ever seen on Facebook. A hen in Ontario laid an egg the weight of a baseball! Wow! Also on the subject eggs… a friend shared a photo in which Easter egg decals adhered to a sun exposed window projected colourful dots onto a tabby cat. Now there’s a photography tip I must remember! On that note, I logged out of Facebook.

After leaving Facebook, I went to Environment Canada’s website to check the weather forecast. It’s not something I do every morning, but today, a little voice in my head told me to take a peek. Would you believe there is another f***ing snowfall warning and blowing snow advisory for where I live?! The mess begins this afternoon and it isn’t expected to move out until Friday. Believe me when I say that you can’t possibly imagine how sick I am of this winter.

Since it’s looking as if I’m going to be snowed in until the weekend, I thought it would be wise to lock up my shop and leave a “back in 10 minutes” notice on the door so that I could scoot to the post office to pick up my mail.

The moment I stepped out the door, I was greeted by an eery calm. The absence of sound was disturbing. It freaked me out enough to make me go back inside to grab my phone (so that I wouldn’t  be “alone”). When I returned outdoors, the silence had been broken by seagulls screeching over the lake out front, and then by sirens off in the distance. Neither sound provided any more comfort than the creepy silence.

When I arrived in “town”, I couldn’t find a place to park anywhere near the post office, which was bizarre. I parked in a lot down the street and walked to get my mail. I didn’t cross paths with anyone, not by car nor by foot!  Also bizarre! Where were all the people who traveled in all the cars parked along the street?

Then, another odd thing got my attention—the aroma! The smell of foods, the likes of which I haven’t consumed in over two decades, hung heavy the air.  Perhaps everyone in this town, except for me, was out to a greasy lunch? Did I miss the memo on my morning Facebook rounds?

It’s now late afternoon. The snow is falling, and my cat is behaving like the psychotic monster he becomes every time it storms.  It’s going to be a loooong couple of days.




As someone who works from home, I rarely take a snow day. Well folks… I just took two—as did (nearly) everybody in the province of Nova Scotia! Holy hell, we had a doozie of a blizzard! It began here on Cape Breton Island just before noon yesterday, and it stuck around until nearly noon today.

I’m not sure why, but during the storm I was uncharacteristically restless—giddy, almost. Case in point, I’m a girl who values her sleep, but I had no interest whatsoever in going to bed last night. To occupy myself, I did something I almost never do—I spent time on Twitter. I wanted to see people’s storm tweets.  Much of what I viewed sent me into fits of laughter (making it even more difficult to convince myself that I should get some sleep).

I went back to Twitter this afternoon to select some of the best #NSStorm tweets to share with you.

There’s nothing more Canadian than a Tim Hortons coffee run. 



At least the snowblower is right there!


I recommend climbing up and rolling out.



I guess there can be too much snow at a ski hill. 



No freaking wonder all the flights were cancelled had Halifax Stanfield International Airport! 



Finally, a helpful squirrel! 



Great advice!


I took some photos of my own, of course. Early this morning, I posted some quickie iPad snaps to my Instagram account. After eating and showering, I got out my “real camera” and took a few more shots (from indoors). Here are the images from my second photo session.


Mr. Moe trying to see over the snow drift in front of my office window.



The view out of the other window in my office.



Looking out my front door.



The view from a second story window at the back of the house.


Ugh! I should be out there with a shovel, but I just can’t face it yet. I’m going to curl up in a blanket and read a book.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re somewhere safe and warm!

Curveball In My Morning Routine

blow-dryWhat image comes to mind when you hear the phrase curvy girl? I’m going to take a guess and say that you’re probably picturing a full-figured woman, or maybe a plus size model? At least in this part of the world, that’s what curvy usually means.

When (and why) has the term curvy become synonymous with overweight? When I gain weight, I lose my curves. When shed excess weight, my curves return.

If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you’d know that I’ve reclaimed my status as a gym rat. What I didn’t mention (at least I don’t remember mentioning) is that my excess pounds are melting away. I’ve been watching the numbers on the scale steadily dip since my return to the gym, but I didn’t notice any other changes until last weekend, when (what had been) my most comfy clothes, were all of a sudden swimming on me.

Now, finally, I’m seeing a change in my body. I’m a creature of habit. My morning rituals are no exception. Every workday morning, I get out of bed, eat, shower, moisturize and hurry to get dressed before blow-drying my hair. Yesterday, I strayed from that routine. After I got into my bra and panties, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror—what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. Curves! My curves are coming back! I didn’t want to finish getting dressed. All I wanted to do was stand in front of that mirror admiring myself. So, I did just that. I stood in front of the mirror in nothing but my skivvies while I blow-dried my hair and did all the other things I needed to do before I absolutely had to put the rest of my clothes on. And guess what? I did exactly the same thing again today! I believe I’ve fallen into a new morning ritual.

It’s Not This Time of Year Without… My Furry Little Christmas Helper

Until this afternoon, I had not scrolled through my WordPress newsfeed since Thursday evening. When I stumbled upon the theme for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge, It’s Not This Time Of Year Without…, I laughed out loud. Just yesterday, I shared this series of iPad photos on Instagram. Check out the caption on the first photo! What a coincidence!


"Pass me the blue lights please." #christmastree #sillykitty #christmasdecorations

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Ooh! Red balls! #christmasdecorations #sillykitty

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Tree is up, and the little helper is exhausted. #christmastime #sillykitty

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For sure, it’s not this time of year without Moe “helping” to decorate for the holidays.

Post With No Plan

I can’t do it anymore! “It” being stare at a flashing cursor on a blank screen. I want to blog, so damn it, that’s what I’m going to do! Where this will lead will be just as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.

Oh, wow! There’s a glowing ball of holy-freaking-awesome in the sky. I must Instagram this! Excuse me, I’ll be right back with the pic.

Not quite full, but certainly "super" #moon #howl

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By the way, I’m new to Instagram. I like it, but I’m kinda lonely over there. If you’re on the platform, come say hello. I’m craving more social interaction.

Speaking of social interaction, I actually had some this week—real life face to face non-work related socializing with people I like.

On Tuesday evening, I went to open mic at the local tavern with an old high school friend who has just become my neighbour. We were joined by a man I had never met before (my friend’s friend), and by woman I’ve known for ages, but we’ve never been more than acquaintances. The conversation was deep and raw. It felt like a group therapy session. “Secrets” were shared shamelessly, and were received by all without judgment. What was most remarkable is how everyone owned up to their roles in their messy pasts, and how everyone had (mostly) forgiven those who had done them wrong. I wish every conversation I’m a part of could be so honest and mature. I definitely want to hang out with that group again.

One of the people I was with that evening told a story about having a computer stolen. I won’t go into detail about what was said, but, I will say that before that conversation, the possibility that that could ever happen to me had never crossed my mind. It scared the bejesus out of me! I spent the next 4 days sweeping my digital footprint clean. I had planned to clean that stuff up “someday”, but it kept getting pushed to the back burner because it was such a monumental task. Now that it’s done, I feel like I’ve released a crap-tonne of baggage, and I have room to let bigger and better things in.

My next big digital cleanup is my work website. Again, that’s something I’ve been wanting to tackle forever, but haven’t because it’s such a monumental task. It’s about two years since I’ve updated it. I cringe when I look at it. Just a few days ago, someone asked me what I do. When I told him, he asked if I had a website. Then he asked for the URL. I wanted to crawl under a rock. This guy appears to have his shit together, and if he looks at my site, he will discover that I do not.  Hmm… perhaps I should be doing that now, instead of aimlessly “blogging” over here. Nah! Not tonight.

I can’t see the moon anymore, which makes me sad. Oh, well. I’ll see it again tomorrow. Did you know that tomorrow’s full moon is kind of a big deal as far as full moons go? I’m a sucker for all that woo woo moon manifestation stuff, so, I’ll end this aimless blogging session with a MBG article called, “High-Vibe manifestations Rituals Just In Time For Tomorrow’s Supermoon.” Enjoy!

Caturday, June 4th

Escape attempt

Moe at 10 weeks old

Mr. Moe turned 6 this week. Every time his birthday rolls around, I get the urge scroll through his baby album.

Here’s a shot of Moe before he became my little boy—I was a volunteer at “his” animal shelter, so I got to see him pretty frequently. On this day, I was there to take photos of the cats for social media. The lighting is terrible inside the shelter, so I prefer to shoot outside when I can. This was Moe’s first excursion into the shelter’s outdoor enclosure. He was allowed out with the big cats just for the photo session. The little monkey went right for the fence and climbed all the way to the top. Fortunately, the pen has a roof!

After two and a half months of witnessing shenanigans like this, I could no longer resist taking him home to live with me. We’ve been best buddies ever since.