30 Days of Self Care—Day 23

homegrown beans

homegrown beans

I dove deep into my self care practice today. In fact, I made it a day long event.

  • I turned off my alarm before going to bed so that I could sleep until I was ready to wake up. I woke up at 9:45.
  • I stayed in my pyjamas sipping coffee, journaling and reading until noon.
  • I let Moe the cat take me out for a walk.
  • I enjoyed a tasty AND healthy lunch.
  • I weeded my garden.
  • I harvested some green and purple beans (it was my first harvest of the purple kind).
  • I blanched and froze my beans.
  • I had a tasty and not-at-all-heathy dinner.
  • I played with my camera in the bathroom (Not just today.  I also did it yesterday, and the day before). I love taking photos in my bathroom!
  • Now I’m back in my pyjamas drinking tea, and I’m about to go journal and read some more.

Have you done anything to treat yourself today? If so, tell me about it in the comments below.

30 Days Of Self Care—Day 19

It always feels like a treat when I eat a “breakfast meal” for dinner. So… I did just that this evening.

At five o’clock sharp, I got busy in the kitchen making myself an omelet with veggies I had, just moments earlier, harvested from my garden. I used three colours of cherry tomatoes (red, yellow, and orange), a green bell pepper, a red sweet banana pepper, and the very first Cortland onion of the season.

But wait! It gets even better. I ate my three egg masterpiece while sitting on the couch!

Have you done anything to treat yourself today? If so, tell me about it in the comments below.

Just Thursday Blog Hop



Each week, Rebekah, Nuvofelt and Mara invite their readers to celebrate the mundane in the Just Thursday blog hop. The idea is to focus on something that is ordinary for you but might not be so ordinary for others.

Today, I’m sharing a photo of my greenhouse thermometer. I think it’s a cool looking gadget. It’s very different from most of the thermometers I see. I think it’s rather photogenic as well, don’t you?

Sadly, it was nowhere near 27°C outdoors when this photo was taken, (on Sunday) but I sure was grateful to feel the heat in my greenhouse. Yesterday morning, it was only 4°C in there when I went in to check on my plants. Eek!


My New Greenhouse

Last summer, my poor little 4′ x 6′ greenhouse was massacred by a windstorm. The thing had survived at least half a dozen named tropical storms, yet, it was taken out by a run-of-the-mill weather disturbance that lasted an hour, at most. I was bummed, but at the same time, I was glad that it gave me an excuse to upgrade.

My new 6′ x 8′ greenhouse kit arrived last Wednesday. The timing was great, considering it had only been a few days since the last of the snow melted. Seriously! It was a winter that didn’t want to quit.

On Thursday, Mom and I loosely assembled the structure, then we carted it all over the back yard so that we could see where it would work best. We decided on a location close to the back patio. It’s somewhat sheltered from the wind, it gets full sun, and most importantly, there is enough privacy so that I can go out there in my pyjamas early in the morning and not be seen.

The chosen location.

The chosen location.

The spot we chose was not level. The front was much lower than the back, so, I spent Thursday evening, and much of Friday digging down the back, and moving soil to the front.

On Saturday morning, I sent my Dad to pick up some 8″ x  8″ post from a salvage yard. They were the perfect size to create foundation walls (and a level floor) in the hole I had spent two days digging.

The  foundation wall.

The foundation walls.

After the foundation walls were set in place, the hole was filled with gravel that was left over from another project. By this time, the wheelbarrow tire was as flat as a pancake, so, Dad used the bucket of his tractor to transport the gravel. That was a bad idea! The tractor wheels sunk a good foot or more into the lawn (because it was so wet from the recent snowmelt).

The gravel floor.

The gravel floor.

I had considered putting a wooden deck/floor in there, but decided to try the gravel first. It can easily be changed later if I don’t like it the way it is.

To prevent grass and weeds from growing up through the floor, we placed a tarp between the first and second loads of gravel.

On Sunday, we secured the frame to the foundation wall—the six legs were screwed to it, and the bottom cross bar of metal frame was tied (in four places) to cord cleats that were screwed into the wood. That thing ain’t going nowhere!

Next, the three of us put on the ClearView® cover. I then put in some of the shelves I had from my last greenhouse. After 4 days of “construction”, the greenhouse was finally ready for my seedlings!


Front view.

Side view.

Side view.

The greenhouse has been up for 5 days now. My seedlings have spent a grand total of 9 hours in it. It’s still soooooo cold on Cape Breton Island.


The End of Winter?

May 6th, 2015

This is the last remaining patch of snow in the yard. Could winter actually be over?

In other Spring-related news… I got a new greenhouse today to replace the one that got ripped to spreads in a windstorm at the end of last summer. The new one is twice the size of the one I had before, and it’s much sturdier. I may even put a “real” floor in it. I’ll keep you posted.


Soil Mixer Moe

Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce you Moe! He’s my fur-baby and the co-star of my (soon-ish to be launched) YouTube gardening channel. Here’s a 10 second peek at some of the footage we shot today.

I’m really excited about this new channel, but I’m really nervous terrified at the same time. I really suck on camera, and I’m going to look like an idiot for the first few months. I know that with practice I will get better, but I haven’t been practicing much. It’s a good thing I have an adorable co-star. I can ride his coattails until I get my act together.