Caturday, June 4th

Escape attempt

Moe at 10 weeks old

Mr. Moe turned 6 this week. Every time his birthday rolls around, I get the urge scroll through his baby album.

Here’s a shot of Moe before he became my little boy—I was a volunteer at “his” animal shelter, so I got to see him pretty frequently. On this day, I was there to take photos of the cats for social media. The lighting is terrible inside the shelter, so I prefer to shoot outside when I can. This was Moe’s first excursion into the shelter’s outdoor enclosure. He was allowed out with the big cats just for the photo session. The little monkey went right for the fence and climbed all the way to the top. Fortunately, the pen has a roof!

After two and a half months of witnessing shenanigans like this, I could no longer resist taking him home to live with me. We’ve been best buddies ever since.

Caturday, April 30th


Moe-ga practice 

For the past 16 days, I’ve joined Moe every evening on the mat. He loves it! I’m not at all fond of yoga, but I’m trying to learn to like it. This is definitely the longest I’ve stuck with it in all the years I’ve been trying to make myself like it.

So far, I’ve found only one pose I enjoy—reclined bound angle pose. Mr. Moe’s favourite is cat cow. He’s a natural! He has another favourite pose, I don’t know the name of it, but it  involves scratching the shit out of the mat. He did that one right before I snapped this photo. I’m not sure if what he is doing here is a Moe-ga pose, or a camera pose.