Caturday, April 29th

Moe and I are finally getting a taste of summer(ish) weather. It’s 19 degrees Celsius (that’s about 66 degrees for those of you south of the boarder). He’s “gardening”. I’m sunning myself.


3 thoughts on “Caturday, April 29th

  1. I love Caturday and warm weather (as you know) Hopefully it’ll last. Time to get planting. I’m going put in green beans and zucchini today in the blasted heat. Probably already too hot 😕!


    • I’m envious. It will be a while before I can plant outdoors. I put my seedlings out for an hour to start hardening them off for the greenhouse. My greenhouse cover came out of storage today, but it’s a workday, so I can’t be out in the backyard long enough to do it.

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