Getting There (Quickly)

I’ve been back on the fitness wagon for nearly 5 months. Yesterday, I hit two milestones on the same day. The first was a weight loss goal, the second was a 30 minute running distance goal. Neither were “final goals”—they were just “next goals”.

Something about meeting both of these targets on the same day made me chuckle. That something is related to a question I’ve been asking myself for weeks. Am I getting faster because I’m losing weight, or am I losing weight because I’m getting faster? I may never know the answer, but I’m sure one is responsible for the other. Of course, my new running shoes (pictured above) might also have a little to do with the faster pace. They are freaking awesome!

What’s also great—even though I hate that this matters to me—is that other people are now taking notice of my results. A customer complimented me yesterday on how good I look, and a fellow gym member recently commented (positively) on how fit I am.

Enough bragging for today? I think so. I’ll stop now.


8 thoughts on “Getting There (Quickly)

  1. Great job, Amy. I have GOT to get my act together. I am unfit, chubby, and slow, and I need to fix all three of those. I’ve at least been getting out to run most days, but after running 10Ks just a few years ago, I have lost all my mojo since spending that wretched year in DC. At least I am blaming it on DC … DC takes the rap for all bad things that happen to me. Haha. What’s your secret for staying on course?


    • I used to be a hardcore gym rat. Every so often, I find myself with medical conditions that require me to take long breaks (as was the case this time). Each time I return, I struggle with the time management aspect of it more than anything else.


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