Leap and the net will appear. —John Burroughs

Sorry, John Burroughs, I don’t buy what you’re selling.  The truth is something more like, leap and the net might appear. It’s why so many of us refuse to take the plunge—we are scared shitless that the landing may break us.

More often than I care to admit, I fantasize about walking away from everything familiar so that I can start my adult life over. I’m living state of perpetual meh—I crave an infusion of yay!  Yet, In all the years I’ve spent pining for change, I’ve not, until this morning, had the guts to take action. Today, I was brave. Today I took a leap. The net might appear. It might not. Does it matter? Hell no! The landing won’t kill me. Besides, anything is better than meh at this point. I’m willing to leap again, regardless of what happens this time. 







9 thoughts on “Leap

  1. Even when the landing sucks, the leap is probably worth it. We leapt at Washington, DC, a little over a year ago, and I truly hated it. But it got us to realize that we can correct bad leaps, and that we really did need a change, just not that one. That led to a huge change – selling our longtime house and moving to Houston, and …. it’s awesome! I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and that’s after a hellish year in almost every way. Hope your first landing is smooth but remember that even if it isn’t, the leap itself makes you braver for the next one! So spill the details already! 🙂

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    • Because I blog using my real name, and anyone from my real life can stumble on this, I’m not going to “spill the details”, at least not until I know if my leap will amount to anything. Doing so could run the the risk of damaging bridges I will need to keep in tact until new ones are safely in place.

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  2. A brave girl! I agree with you fully, a net *might* appear, and it might not. I don’t presume I know how you feel, but what you describe feels too familiar. I often wish I could restart my adult life. I’ve done a lot of radical changes in the recent years, and the net mostly didn’t appear, but at least I gave it a try. My most recent leap was moving, which I’ll blog about once I settle in my new home properly…


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