Before I get out of bed each morning, I like to hop on the internet to see what’s happening in the world. This morning, I began my online investigation with Facebook. There, I learned that “Live bunnies are not Easter gifts!” A few posts later, I saw that someone is selling baby bunnies for $30 each. Sooooooo cute! And, just in time for Easter! Below that was a PSA, “Life is Better in Flip Flops!” Well duh! That’s why I wear them all year long. After a little more scrolling, I stumbled upon what may just be the most eggseptional thing I’ve ever seen on Facebook. A hen in Ontario laid an egg the weight of a baseball! Wow! Also on the subject eggs… a friend shared a photo in which Easter egg decals adhered to a sun exposed window projected colourful dots onto a tabby cat. Now there’s a photography tip I must remember! On that note, I logged out of Facebook.

After leaving Facebook, I went to Environment Canada’s website to check the weather forecast. It’s not something I do every morning, but today, a little voice in my head told me to take a peek. Would you believe there is another f***ing snowfall warning and blowing snow advisory for where I live?! The mess begins this afternoon and it isn’t expected to move out until Friday. Believe me when I say that you can’t possibly imagine how sick I am of this winter.

Since it’s looking as if I’m going to be snowed in until the weekend, I thought it would be wise to lock up my shop and leave a “back in 10 minutes” notice on the door so that I could scoot to the post office to pick up my mail.

The moment I stepped out the door, I was greeted by an eery calm. The absence of sound was disturbing. It freaked me out enough to make me go back inside to grab my phone (so that I wouldn’t  be “alone”). When I returned outdoors, the silence had been broken by seagulls screeching over the lake out front, and then by sirens off in the distance. Neither sound provided any more comfort than the creepy silence.

When I arrived in “town”, I couldn’t find a place to park anywhere near the post office, which was bizarre. I parked in a lot down the street and walked to get my mail. I didn’t cross paths with anyone, not by car nor by foot!  Also bizarre! Where were all the people who traveled in all the cars parked along the street?

Then, another odd thing got my attention—the aroma! The smell of foods, the likes of which I haven’t consumed in over two decades, hung heavy the air.  Perhaps everyone in this town, except for me, was out to a greasy lunch? Did I miss the memo on my morning Facebook rounds?

It’s now late afternoon. The snow is falling, and my cat is behaving like the psychotic monster he becomes every time it storms.  It’s going to be a loooong couple of days.




8 thoughts on “Eery

  1. Oooh, the suspense! Let us know what was happening in your little town today once you re-emerge. I, in contrast to you, spent 20 minutes in an interior stairwell with my dog in my 6th day in my new city of Houston as a tornado warning (never arrived, thank god) and heavy rain/hail storm passed through. Mother Nature is not happy these days.

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