It’s Not This Time of Year Without… My Furry Little Christmas Helper

Until this afternoon, I had not scrolled through my WordPress newsfeed since Thursday evening. When I stumbled upon the theme for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge, It’s Not This Time Of Year Without…, I laughed out loud. Just yesterday, I shared this series of iPad photos on Instagram. Check out the caption on the first photo! What a coincidence!


"Pass me the blue lights please." #christmastree #sillykitty #christmasdecorations

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Ooh! Red balls! #christmasdecorations #sillykitty

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Tree is up, and the little helper is exhausted. #christmastime #sillykitty

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For sure, it’s not this time of year without Moe “helping” to decorate for the holidays.

Back In Black

When I was a wee little girl, I was told that a red pen was to be used only for recording debt. Why would anyone say that to a kid, Mom? I didn’t know what debt was back in the ’70s, other than it was a “grownup” thing and I didn’t have any, which meant that I was breaking the rules if I went anywhere near red ink. Only “bad” girls break the rules, right? To this day, when I see a red pen, it feels like a forbidden object. I’m drawn to it, yes, but it feels sinful to hold it in my hand.

Back in early August, I wrote a post about my earliest money memory , which was about how the weight of the coin in my piggy bank nearly crushed me at two years old. With a little more self-psychoanalysis in the days following that post, I was able to bring more childhood money memories (including the red pen one) to the surface, and my money mess started to make even more sense. It became clear to me why my credit cards were frequently dangerously close to being maxed out. That very same week, things began to change.

My worst financial habit has always been to under charge for my services. I used to think a “fair price” was a price that didn’t cause too big of a dent in the buyers wallet. Forget about the (literal and figurative) blood, sweat, and tears that goes into my products, if I charged enough to financially burden someone, I saw myself as a “bad” person. Putting others first seemed like a more “grownup” thing to do.  OMG! WTF?

I have new definition of a “fair price” these days.  It’s the point at which I no longer feel that I’ve lost and the customer has won. I now rig the game so that it will end in a tie every time. It feels good to sell stuff now, and I’m selling more stuff than ever before.

You know what else I’ve started doing? I’ve been using a red pen for taking notes while I’m on the phone at work. I still feel like a “bad” girl when I use red ink willy-nilly, but I’m going to find a way to get beyond that too.

Oh my God! I almost published this post without getting to the thing that compelled me to sit down and go on a tangent about my bizarre association between money and ink colours! I’m back in black with Master Card! That’s right! I paid off one of my credit cards today! Go me!

Post With No Plan

I can’t do it anymore! “It” being stare at a flashing cursor on a blank screen. I want to blog, so damn it, that’s what I’m going to do! Where this will lead will be just as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.

Oh, wow! There’s a glowing ball of holy-freaking-awesome in the sky. I must Instagram this! Excuse me, I’ll be right back with the pic.

Not quite full, but certainly "super" #moon #howl

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By the way, I’m new to Instagram. I like it, but I’m kinda lonely over there. If you’re on the platform, come say hello. I’m craving more social interaction.

Speaking of social interaction, I actually had some this week—real life face to face non-work related socializing with people I like.

On Tuesday evening, I went to open mic at the local tavern with an old high school friend who has just become my neighbour. We were joined by a man I had never met before (my friend’s friend), and by woman I’ve known for ages, but we’ve never been more than acquaintances. The conversation was deep and raw. It felt like a group therapy session. “Secrets” were shared shamelessly, and were received by all without judgment. What was most remarkable is how everyone owned up to their roles in their messy pasts, and how everyone had (mostly) forgiven those who had done them wrong. I wish every conversation I’m a part of could be so honest and mature. I definitely want to hang out with that group again.

One of the people I was with that evening told a story about having a computer stolen. I won’t go into detail about what was said, but, I will say that before that conversation, the possibility that that could ever happen to me had never crossed my mind. It scared the bejesus out of me! I spent the next 4 days sweeping my digital footprint clean. I had planned to clean that stuff up “someday”, but it kept getting pushed to the back burner because it was such a monumental task. Now that it’s done, I feel like I’ve released a crap-tonne of baggage, and I have room to let bigger and better things in.

My next big digital cleanup is my work website. Again, that’s something I’ve been wanting to tackle forever, but haven’t because it’s such a monumental task. It’s about two years since I’ve updated it. I cringe when I look at it. Just a few days ago, someone asked me what I do. When I told him, he asked if I had a website. Then he asked for the URL. I wanted to crawl under a rock. This guy appears to have his shit together, and if he looks at my site, he will discover that I do not.  Hmm… perhaps I should be doing that now, instead of aimlessly “blogging” over here. Nah! Not tonight.

I can’t see the moon anymore, which makes me sad. Oh, well. I’ll see it again tomorrow. Did you know that tomorrow’s full moon is kind of a big deal as far as full moons go? I’m a sucker for all that woo woo moon manifestation stuff, so, I’ll end this aimless blogging session with a MBG article called, “High-Vibe manifestations Rituals Just In Time For Tomorrow’s Supermoon.” Enjoy!