Contemplation—Week 5

A couple of days ago, when I first saw Desley’s Contemplation prompt for the week, I thought I was going to sit this one out.

What can you smell right now?

When I read those words, I sat up straight in my desk chair and took a deep inhale. What did I smell? Nothing! It made me smile because, “odorless” just happens to be my favourite indoor smell! The lack of scent made me happy, but writing about smelling nothing doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post, does it?

The next morning, a Facebook friend shared an article that hit on why it is that I prefer an odorless environment. I decided that I’d share the article with you here.  It’s called, “Fragrance Is The New Secondhand Smoke | Eliminate Synthetic Fragrance To Improve Your Health“.  

When people go to a public place, they are sharing what is now being called “secondhand fragrance”. This is the combination of harmful chemicals being released into the public air space from air fresheners, cleaning products, and scented candles, plus all the products people are wearing (from hair spray, shampoo, clothes, to perfume, etc). Everyone is involuntarily breathing contaminated air even if they choose to not wear fragranced products. It’s time to clear the air and prioritize human health, not economic interest.

I loath synthetic fragrance and can’t for the life of me understand why people buy it, or why it’s even legal to sell it. It’s so goddamn obnoxious! All of it! I enjoyed the article, but I disagree with the author on one point. I don’t think these fragrances smell good. I think they smell absolutely disgusting and they make me feel ill. 

Just a few hours ago, I fell victim to a secondhand fragrance assault. I was at the gym when a young woman wearing perfume hopped on the treadmill next to me. I immediately hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill I was on, got off, and moved to the other end of the gym to finish my workout. Sadly, it didn’t take long for her fragrance to disperse, and I had to escape the building before finishing my workout.

Fortunately, there are more and more public places discouraging visitors from using scented products. One of these places is the local hospital. There are signs posted everywhere in the building that say, “No scents is good sense.” Yet, they still have obnoxious smelling hand soap in their public restrooms! Ugh! There’s still such a long way to go….

Contemplation—Week 4

Last week, I wrote a post about my need for large daily doses of silence and solitude.  This week, my response to Desley’s Contemplation prompt will, in a way, contradict what I said last week.

Name one thing you should do more often.

One thing I should do more often is spend more time with people. See, I told you I was going to contradict myself!

Often when I say that I should do something it means, “I really don’t want to do it, but outside pressure makes me feel as if I need to.” That’s not the case with this particular should. I genuinely want to spend more time with people—one on one, in person, quality time with people I actually enjoy hanging out with.

Back in December, I began desire mapping. For this, one must first decide on something called “core desired feelings”. I have seven core desired feelings. One of them is “connected”. I feel strongly “connected” in many areas, but with regard to my relations with other humans, my connections are far from strong. With the exception of my parents, I really don’t have a solid connection with anyone (anymore). I feel closer to people I know from the internet than the people in my “real life”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic having friends living inside my computer, but it doesn’t hold a candle to having a “real life” bestie. I really, really, really want real life besties again.

There are a couple of women I occasionally get together with. I guess I should give them a call this week, shouldn’t I? Maybe I should mention this blog post to them next time we’re together? Maybe they feel the same way? Or, maybe they know other people who are in the market for besties?

Throwback Thursday—St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Irish Dancing_Amy 1980

This one’s a throwback to my Irish dancing days. According to what I wrote on the back of this photo, it was taken in 1980.

I’m taller now, but other than that, I pretty much look the same as I did back then—my hair is the same, my dimples are the same, my grin is the same. Not only have my looks gone unchanged, but, I’m still always in front of a sewing machine! In fact, at this very moment, if I extend my left arm to the side, my finger’s will graze a (newer generation) Singer.

Contemplation—Week 3

treating myself like a precious object will make me strongMy name is Amy, and I’m a me timeoholic. I simply cannot function well in this world without large daily doses of silence and solitude. That said, this addiction is one I have no desire to overcome. In fact, trying to do so would be hazardous to my health.

I live in a small village on the Atlantic Canadian coast.  I love it here. It’s populated enough so that I don’t feel like a lonely hermit in the woods, but not so populated that I feel like a frazzled city dweller.  Here, I can be out among other people whenever I want, or, I have the option to retreat to peace and quiet simply by going home.

Much of my me time spent (alone in a quiet space) doing creative “-ing things” such as journaling, blogging, sewing, knitting , gardening, taking photos,  editing photos, organizing,  beautifying my surroundings, and beautifying myself.

I also like to get lost in uplifting activities such as listening to inspiring podcasts, reading  motivational books, exercising, meditating, and spending time in nature. Yes, that’s right, more “-ing things”.

I get rundown much easier, and much faster than the average person. Me time is the only thing that fully recharges me. It’s a (multiple times) daily non-negotiable practice. Right before I roll out of bed each day, I remind myself of how important nurturing myself is by writing the words, “Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong”.

Today, when I was at the gym, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in years. He told me that I looked “outgoing” and “happy”. Before I made me time a priority, those words would never have been used by anyone, at anytime, to describe me.

For desleyjane’s weekly feature, Contemplation.  What do you like to do in your ‘me’ time?”

Contemplation—Week 2

What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail? I’ve been asked that question many times—most recently by DESLEYJANE over at Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist in her new Contemplation series. My answer, after much thought is, I really don’t know.

Fear holds me back from lots of things, but it’s not exactly a fear of failing to reach my goals that keeps me from pursuing my dreams. What holds me back is the fear that my sights are set on the wrong prize. I wish I could be guaranteed that I will be happy with what I think I want before I start investing time and effort into achieving it.

I can’t count how many times I’ve achieved a goal only to learn that it didn’t make me feel the way I thought it would make me feel. It’s a total bummer! As a result, I’ve lost faith in my ability to guess what I want for my future. I’m also very tired of working hard for something that, in the end, doesn’t bring me joy. 

It is said that there are no wrong decisions—that just making a decision and running with it is the right decision, because it will get you somewhere. In theory, I wholeheartedly agree. In practice, I agonize over every decision I make. I’m always afraid that I will choose wrong. As a result, life-changing decisions almost never get made. I stay stuck. I wake up every day and relive the day before. 

I really do not want a guarantee that I won’t fail at something I attempt. I’m actually pretty good at getting the things I work for. I just don’t know what to aim for. I don’t know what the hell would light me up.

iTunes Career?

Yesterday morning, I woke up before my alarm. That’s highly unusual these days, especially for a Saturday. I didn’t know what time it was, and I didn’t want to check. I just wanted to remain in bed in my semi-comatose state until my chirping birds alarm told me it was time to snap out of it.

Before the birds chirped, I heard an IM ping. I thought, “who the hell is up and messaging me at this hour?” I had to check the message.

Good morning Christine! I was wondering if you could please do me another favour? Record this and send it to me. “Now Geoff, it’s time to relax. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine yourself floating on a cloud.” I can listen to it when I’m trying to sleep!! 7:53 AM

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while may remember the IM sender, Geoff, as the guy who ate his entire meal with a dessert fork. The Christine he was referring to in his message is Christine Hassler from the podcast, Over it & on with it.  He checked out a couple of episodes recently because I said that I liked it. He claims that Christine and I sound alike.

Geoff has used the words, “professional”, “calm”, and “relaxing” to describe my voice. And now, he’s decided that I must do guided sleep meditation recordings. I, on the other hand, can’t imagine anyone wanting to listen to me guide them to sleep, but hey, if he digs it, maybe others would too?

Out of curiosity, I searched for guided meditations on iTunes. People are charging 99 cents for 5-10minute recordings. Hmm… perhaps it’s not a bad idea.