Trick or Treat

Warning: This post contains the rantings of a curmudgeon. 

I hate Halloween! More specifically, I hate “trick or treating”. Really, folks, this is one seriously f**ked up tradition.

Is it really okay for children, or anyone else for that matter, to show up on on someone’s doorstep and expect to be given fistfuls of candy?  I think not! Most kids—at least where I live—don’t even bother to walk from house to house—Mommy or Daddy drive them right up to the door. What the hell? These kids are privileged enough to have chauffeur service, yet, their parents promote sponging from the neighbours.

Then there is also the issue of greed and gluttony. Why the hell do people allow their children to collect bag, after bag, after bag, after bag of sugar, fat and chemicals? How can anyone think this is a good idea, even if it’s just one day a year?

Do I give out candy on Halloween? HELL, NO! I hang out with my mom every October 31st.  The two of us spend the evening in a dimly lit room, rolling our eyes as we listen to what goes on while my dad dish out “treats” at the front door. There’s a lot of bragging about how many bagfuls of loot were collected so far. Some kids even show up with an extra bag for a sibling who, for whatever reason can’t, be there.  One kid last year used the opening line, “GIVE ME SOME TREATS NOW!” You should have seen my Mom’s face when she heard that!

I am sooooooo not looking forward to this evening.

NaBloPoMo? Okay, I’m In

I’ve been a little slack with the blogging these days, haven’t I? There’s really no good reason for it. It just kinda happened, or in this case, it kinda didn’t happen.

I can’t blame my absence (this time) on being crazy busy.  I’m somewhat busy these days, but I was equally as busy when I posted 2-3 posts/day (between both of my blogs) every day for over a month back in August and September. The one thing that was different then was that I had blogging goals—to write about my self care rituals for 30 days in a row, and to complete every assignment of Writing 101. Other than my Caturday posts, I haven’t had any goals for this blog in weeks. For me, no blogging goals=no blogging.

I desperately wanted a new blogging challenge to get me back on track, so, I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo over on BlogHer. I may, or may not (probably will not) follow the suggested prompts, but I will do my darnedest to post every single day in November.

What about you? Have you signed up? If so, let me know in the comments below. I’d love some company.

October Destiny

Many people say that we can never know what the future has in store for us. I disagree. Of course we can! All we have to do is read our horoscope. Duh!

My October is going to start off as a bit of an uphill battle. With hard work and a little help, things will begin to run smoother mid-month. By the end of October, I’m going to be rockin’ my life!

The best news of all is that Mercury retrograde will be over at the end of next week. It’s about freakin’ time! I’ve been feeling like the energy has been sucked out of me for this entire celestial event. It’s not just me being drained by it—every battery powered device I own can’t hold a charge. I’m so ready for the planet to get out of this backward slide!

My favourite astrologers are advising me to strive for more balance this month. It’s funny, because I was just thinking about how desperately I need to do just that. FAST! Lately I’ve been feeling like the only time I can almost get everything done that I want to get done in a day is if I play hooky from work. That’s not exactly sustainable long term, is it? 

I was also told that I will be visited by my dear friends, Order and Efficiency, for 3 weeks in this month. Man, I love it when they are in town! I’ve got big plans for us while they’re here. I’ve already decided that October 9th is going to be the day I go back to the gym, but I really could use some help to free up the time I need to get my workouts in. 

There’s a new moon in Libra on the 12th (Canadian Thanksgiving). With its arrival, I’m going to have to face some hidden pain. Bring it on! I can take it! With pain comes growth. I’m really diggin’ growth these days.

At the end of the month, my confidence is going to soar and everyone is going to have their eyes on me. I bet that’s because I’m going to be doing a lot of sweating in spandex. That always happens when I sweat in spandex. Seriously, guys, the gym walls are mirrored. I can see you, pervs!

For day 20 of The Daily Post’s Writing 101—The future.

Today’s the last day of Writing 101, and I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back for completing every single assignment. Congrats to everyone else who did it too! It was a blast, wasn’t it?

Art Inspired By Art

I’m always in awe of people who can pick up a brush, dip it in paint, move said brush and paint around on paper or canvas, and end up with amazing art. I mean, really, how do they do that?

I’ve been following Andrew Seal over at The Changing Palette for many months now. He’s got a feature on his blog called “Studio 365”. It’s an almost daily peek into his art studio (some days he’s not there, but when he’s away, he’ll still post something totally worth checking out). His blog is dripping with awesomesauce! You need to check it out. Even the photos of his paint smeared palettes are absolutely gorgeous!

Over on my other blog, Playing With My First DSLR Camera, I share weekly updates of my own daily “art” project. On Sunday, I posted my week 17 update. Every photo I shot for week 17 of my project captured the texture(s) of wood. Andrew left a lovely comment on the post. In his comment, he told me that he could see a painting in each photo, and then he thanked me for the inspiration. This morning, I woke up to find a notification that Andrew had linked to my post. I was tickled pink to discover that he had painted one of my project 365 images—dilapidated fence post. Here’s my photo.

fence post

dilapidated fence post

Here’s the link to Andrew’s painting that was inspired by my photograph. I love it!

If you would like to check out my other project 365 photos, you can find them all in one place over in my project 365 Flickr album.

For day 19 of The Daily Post’s Writing 101.

…today is the day to publish your collaboration post! Ideally, you reached out to a candidate and gathered what you needed. Today, publish this post, and don’t forget to link back to your collaborator’s site.

A funny thing happened. I didn’t reach out to Andrew for this collaboration. The collaboration just magically landed on my lap this morning.