Ode to Bedside Drawer

What purpose serves this object placed next to my bed—the small, but sturdy box-shaped thing, coloured bright white?

Upon it sits a lamp. Its body frames a drawer. Inside that drawer—pleasures galore. Leather bound tales from far away places. Soothing lotions, magic potions. Pretty notebooks, colourful pens.

O darling bedside drawer, bless you for keeping safe, the likes of which, elicits sleep. My faithful friend, I bid you a good night.

For The Daily Post’s Writing 201: Poetry.

“What’s in your drawer? Let’s praise it (to its face) with odes and apostrophes. Hello, Day 8!”


Finger Etchings


Drifting solo along a sandy beach, my heart overflows with gleeful dreams of you finding me. Buoyant with emotion, I extend my right hand, and finger messages deep in the sand. With each index caress, I wonder if you are near or afar. I step away. Pleased with my words. I wait and watch. The foamy waves are creeping close. It won’t be long before my etchings are swept away by the pulsing tide. I know, some day in time, the ocean swells will deliver, squarely at your sweet feet, a speck of sand that was swept by my hand. And when it does, your heart will overflow with gleeful dreams of finding me. You will, my love, find me. I’m sure.

For day 7 of the Daily Post’s Writing 201: Poetry.

  • Prompt: Fingers
  • Form: Prose Poetry
  • Device: Assonance

White Knight

White knight, I have seen you before

Leave now, I have got this

White knight, you can turn for the door

I’ll be fine, you’re dismissed

I don’t want you this time, White knight

I’m hurt, but I am strong

I can fix this myself, White knight

I Thank you, but so long


For day 6 of the Daily Post’s Writing 201:Poetry.

  • Prompt: hero(ine)
  • Form: ballad
  • Device: anaphora and epistrophe

Poetry Potluck

Nope, this hasn’t become a poetry blog. I’m taking part in The Daily Post’s Writing 201: Poetry. Week one is over, and there’s one more week to go. When it’s all said and done, I will resume regular scheduled programming on this blog.

This weekend’s poetry assignment does not involve writing. Thank goodness! I need to recuperate after the last assignment!

“…this weekend, share with us a poem that you love (by someone who isn’t you, please)…”

I chose to share this YouTube video of the song Both Sides, Now written and performed by Joni Mitchell. It was first released in 1969. I like this version better. Her power to convey that she has, indeed, seen Both Sides, Now is much stronger in this more mature rendition.

This song has been covered a bazillion times. Apparently, I’m not the only one who loves it.

Brain Fog

Fog between my ears today made coining this a chore.

I Googled diphthong. Damn it! My riff is all wrong!

I’ve scratched dim witted pros in nonsensical riddle

Backspace. Erase. Err! Oh this is such a disgrace.

I deserve to be kicked out of Writing 201:Poetry after submitting this doozie in response to their prompt. I’m beyond embarrassed to admit it took almost two days to compose this “gem”. I quit in frustration, but decided to post it anyway.

Fog. Today’s word prompt can be taken in so many different directions: condensation on your car’s window. An eerie landscape (or streetscape) at dawn. Your glasses as you enter a warm room from the cold outside. The mental state of confusion, forgetfulness, or dementia. How will you introduce fog into your poem today?




Scattered and sown gently by hand, or

Earnestly blown across the land.

Embedded one day, alone in the sand, its

Destiny postponed until moisture commands.

Subsistence will be grown, manned or unmanned.


For The Daily Post’s Writing 201:Poetry.

Day 3 is here — and so are questions of trust, acrostics, and internal rhymes.